FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is involved in the first evaluation?

In the first evaluation, Dr. Shah will make  an assessment of the nature of the problem at hand.  Some neurological  consultations are for questions of diagnosis, that is, what is wrong  with the patient.  In that case the consultation may be followed by  recommendations for imaging procedures and diagnostic lab tests with a  follow up visit to review all of the data.  Sometimes the diagnosis is  already known and the consultation is for decisions about the  treatment.  In that case, tests might not be ordered but tests may be  reviewed and the discussions about treatment options can take place.   Dr. Shah will obtain a thorough history and perform a  detailed  neurological examination during the first encounter. 
How long will my first appointment take? 

There is no easy answer for this.  It depends  on the complexity of your neurological problem.  A patient with a  straightforward problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome may not require  as long an appointment as someone with the new diagnosis of multiple  sclerosis.  Some patients have extensive old records to be reviewed and  some patients may be seeing a physician for the very first time.  Dr.  Shah usually reviews your CT and MRI with you during your first visit if  they are available.

What is Dr Shah's educational background?

Dr. Shah attended M.P.Shah Medical College in  Gujarat, India which included one year rotating internship at various  hospitals in Gujarat.  After that, he taught pharmacology to medical  students and worked as in-patient hospitalist for a short period of  time.  After arriving to U.S. he did  stroke research at University of  North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.  He joined Medical College of Georgia  in Augusta, GA for his internal medicine internship, neurology residency  and clinical neurophysiology fellowship.  Dr. Shah has attended  numerous educational conferences and participated in many research  studies. (See his  publications on Scholarly Activity page).  He was also very active in junior resident teaching during his residency and fellowship (see his presentations on Scholarly Activity page). 


Is insurance filed directly?  How can I find out more about the process of filing my health insurance?

We file a claim to your insurance company as courtesy to you. Please reach out to your insurance company to see if we are in their network or not. We also provide prior authorization for medical tests and prescription medications as courtesy to our patients.  Please contact our office staff for insurance related questions.


How do I get put on the cancellation list to be seen sooner than my scheduled appointment?

Let the front desk receptionist or the nurse  know you are interested in an earlier appointment, should one become  available.  Leave them your daytime phone numbers, where you can be  reached at a short notice.  All efforts will be made to accommodate your  request.


Why is my waiting time longer sometimes?

We try our best to see you on time but  Dr. Shah also has in-patient responsibilities and sometimes he has to  attend urgent Emergency Room / in-patient consults.  Dr. Shah loves to  talk to his patients and sometimes previous patients require more time  than allocated.  We are sorry for any extended wait time.  We are open  to constructive suggestions and how to make things easier for you.


What information do I need to bring to my first appointment? 

Please fill out, our "New Patient Forms" on our website and bring them at the time of appointment. Bring current  medication bottles (and list of medications) that you are taking. In  some situation, it might be advisable to make a list of previous  medications tried for your problem (e.g. list of seizure medication  tried and failed). Please be sure pertinent copies of your medical  records have been forwarded to us or brought to us the day of your  appointment. Please bring CD of you MRI and/or CT scan.